Living in a fast paced world often means that our time demands are greater than the supply that we get. Meal prep not only allows you to plan for meals but also ensures you have a constant supply of nutrient rich delicious food choices. The term meal prep can be defined as the process of preparing meals ahead of eating them. Meal preps come in handy when you only have a few days of rest away from your daily routine. There are different types of meal preps depending on a variety of factors. For example, you can have full make ahead meal prep which involves prepping a full meal as opposed to ingredient prep which involves preparation of simple ingredients. 

Why should you prep your meals?

Firstly, meal prepping saves you time. Finding time to prepare a meal after work and actually cook it can be very tasking. For starters, you have to think about what to eat, buy the ingredients and finally prepare and cook them. With a meal prep, you think ahead and act ahead. 

Secondly, meal prepping ensures you eat healthy by guaranteeing you control over your food choices. Based on the foods you like, a meal prep gives you the opportunity to make an informed choice on the ingredients to use and the cooking method to use. In the end, you are only as healthy as the food you eat. 

Lastly, meal prep saves you money. Unwise spending on food is mostly brought about by impulsive decisions on food or on takeout food services. Having a meal prep on a weekly basis ensures you have accessible and ready food supply on demand. This leads to minimal expenditures on food. 

Tips for beginners 

Anyone can accomplish a great meal prep routine, it only takes a few lessons of practices, consistent action and some great tips. The tips indicated below will work for most types of meal preps regardless of the size or components. 

  1. Write it down; writing your meal prep ideas, ingredients and consumption patterns paints a mental picture for what exactly you want to accomplish. 
  2. Schedule time away from your normal routine to meal prep. Time is an input for all activities that we carry out. In the case of meal prepping, you should set aside enough time to prepare as many meals as you desire peaceful and away from any form of anxious situations. 
  3. Ensure you have enough storage materials that will keep food fresh and free from food safety concerns. The greatest risk that comes with meal prepping is food contamination that can lead to disease or death. Hence, food storage should be a major consideration before commencing this journey. 
  4. Prep balanced meals. Keep prepped meals as simple and as balanced as possible. In other words, add variety but keep it simple. 
  5. Make foods that you love. Enjoying food is all about how much one loves a certain food. If you prep foods that you do not enjoy, you end up throwing them out and wasting your time and money. 

With these few tips in mind, it is clear that meal prep can be easy and worth the try. Enjoying food preparation has never been easier. It is time you forge your own eating habits.